About the Workshop

The purpose of the UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise is to  instruct early career marine scientists, including PhD students, on how to effectively plan for, acquire, utilize and report on time at sea for multi-disciplinary research and education.

The 2014 Chief Scientist Training Workshop takes place in the Spring of 2014 aboard the R/V Atlantic Explorer.  The at-sea cruise plan will be dictated by the science requirements of the participants and assisted by mentoring senior scientists and marine technicians.


This year’s cruise will take the participants on a transect between Barbados and Bermuda, where the scientists will be taking many different types of biological, physical, and chemical measurements that will help us to better understand our oceans!  Go to the “Meet the Scientists” page to learn about each participant and what they will be doing on the cruise.  If you’d like to know more about a particular scientist, their work, or anything else about the cruies, post a question!

Special thanks to the National Science Foundation for making this program possible!